Accommodation 24 H

Spend some time in a nice cozy beauty salon in the centre of Tallinn near Hilton hotel!  We have a double bed, sauna and at the same time you can have beauty treatments. The apartment has everything you need for a comfortable stay: a kitchen area with a fridge, oven, coffee machine, washing machine. A bathroom: a shower, towels. A sauna. Wifi and TV are available. The apartment accommodates maximum 4 people: a double bed, floor matress and an armchair that opens as a bed.


Aromatherapy is an esthetic cure that uses essential oils from different aromatic plants and trees to cure body and soul. Our aromatherapist chooses special aromas considering the clients’ personalilty and preferences and mixes them to perform the massage. The relaxing effect
is guaranteed.

Haircut / care

We offer hairdressing services for children, men and women including hair wash, cut and different styling. Besides the traditional hairdressing services we offer special treatment with BYAS products and hair completer (German beauty high technology) which provides 10 minute  scalp massage. This treatment has a curing effect as growth or thickening and vitality serums are taken to the deeper layers of a scalp using hair completer. As a result hair becomes thicker and men with hair problems have had new hair growing without any painful procedures as mesotherapy which is normally used. Our young hairdresser Helena Kauksi performs the treatment.


Face Lift treatment

Rejuvenating face care treatment which is meant for people who would like to look younger. It includes measuring the moisture level  of a skin -hyaluron the natural ingredient of a skin decreases within years and causes wrinkles. Face Lift consists of 7 different phases where specific problems are being treated: starting from deep detox cleaning or peeling to nutrition or lifting/shaping/ stretching. German beauty high technology ( facelifter) is used that includes iontoforesis, RF lifting, muscle stimulation, microvibration. The result is fresh smooth younger looking skin.

Face Detox treatment

Deep cleaning treatment which is meant for people looking for cleaner, fresh, healthy skin. It includes measuring the moisture level  of a skin -hyaluron the natural ingredient of a skin decreases within years and causes wrinkles. Treatment increases the moisture level using German beauty hign technogy that has a detoxifying effect leaving the skin clean, fresh and looking younger.

Bio sculpture gel nail polishing

Bio sculpture organic gel is porous which includes the same protein ingredients as natural nail does. Therefore there is no need to previous treatment of a nail (mechanical or chemical). A healthy alternative both for the client and the performer of the treatment as it does not include any dangerous components for health. It is an option also during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 99% allergy free. No dust, poisonous vapours or odours are released. Nails are natural and long-lasting.

Hot stone massage

Soft massage where body is treated with hot stones.  A relaxing experience to everyone. Else Saga has a 10 year experience in providing the massage.

Classical massage

Reduces muscle tension, firms the skin, improving blood pressure and metabolism. Massage from 30 minutes to 1.5 hour. Else Saga has a 10 year experience in providing the massage.


Manicure includes treatment of nail skin, massage, polishing.


Pedicure includes cutting the nails, treatment of nail skin, peeling, massage and polishing.

Classical face treatment

Classical face treatment includes first a consultation with our cosmetologist, where the best solution for your skin type is found. Then the treatment follows: face cleaning, peeling, massage, mask and nourishing cream for face and eyes.You can also choose steam cleaning or rubber mask, additional fee may be asked.


Make-up includes day, evening & photo make-up. Only high-quality brands are used in the work. The make-up artist has experience in theater, fashion and photography, historical make-up, special effects and face and body painting.